10 years ClouDNS!


10 years of ClouDNS already! We want to thank you! All of you, our partners, and clients. Together we are improving year after year. Based on your feedback, we have added many features and locations.

During the years we have added:

  • 27 Anycast locations, strategically located for best results
  • GeoDNS for excellent load balancing on a global scale
  • DDoS Protected servers to reduce the downtime for your business
  • DNSSEC for better security
  • DNS Failover for automated reaction in case of a system failure
  • Multi-lingual site for your convenience
  • Many more features!

What more can you expect from us?

We will keep upgrading our services, adapting to and predicting the industry changes. We will continue improving our interface and language support. We will add value to your business with excellent performance at a reasonable price.

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