Introducing Monitoring Regions for Failover DNS


The Failover DNS is a powerful feature we have released a year ago. The service is used by many of our customers to monitor their DNS records and update them dynamically in case of down events. Last month we released a lot of new monitoring locations and currently, we have 42 monitoring locations to check the uptime of our your servers.

Today we are releasing a new feature to keep your monitoring smarter - Monitoring Regions.  With this new option, you can specify from which regions to monitor your failover records. Available Monitoring Regions:

  • Global - to monitor from all available nodes, this is the default option for all existing records
  • Europe - the record will be monitored only from nodes located in Europe
  • North America - only nodes in North America will be used for the monitoring checks

The new option for Monitoring Regions allows you to monitor your GeoDNS records only from the area where they are responsible or to build more advanced configurations for your regular non-GeoDNS records.

Read more about Monitoring Regions in the DNS Failover Documentation...

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