New features and updates


Dear Customers,

We have added a few new features to our control panel:

Support for SSHFP records
Now you can secure your SSH at DNS level. SSHFP record is available for Master (Primary) and Slave (Secondary) DNS zones.

Option to delete a DNS zone from the Records page
It's easy to find a DNS zone with the search option from the Dashboard, but it wasn't so easy to delete it. Now if you have 1000+ DNS zones and you want to delete one of them, you can find the zone with the search and delete it from the button at the Records page.

Option to move a DNS zone to another accout
If you sell any of your domain names and want to move the DNS settings to another account (e.g. of your customer), you just need his e-mail address.

Option to import records in Master DNS zone from external Master DNS server
If you allow the zone transfers for (, you will be able to import records from this remote server to your Master DNS zone here. When you send the request to the other DNS server, you will see a list with all DNS records and option to add them. The feature is available in the right menu of the DNS zone control panel with the records.

ClouDNS Team

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