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The latest news from us!

Exciting news for our China customers! We have added an extra peer in our Hong Kong Data Center with direct connectivity to Mainland China. Now all the traffic to Mainland China is routed through our new premium link. The newly established connection improves the latency for our Anycast Network to Mainland China. The latency to China Unicom, China Telecom, Tencent, and Alibaba is now up to 4 times better!

Located in Stockholm, Glesys provides both colocation space and network connectivity. We are covering almost all the traffic in Sweden and Norway, and part of Denmark. We have a stable connection to the major internet providers in the region, like Telia, and internet exchanges - Netnod Stockholm, IXOR, FIXO, NIX, Netnod Copenhagen and STHIX Copenhagen.
AlpineDC is our data center and network provider in Lausanne, Switzerland. This POP provides us access to the major transit providers and internet exchanges in the region. We have direct access to RomandIX located in Lausanne and SwissIX located in Zurich. Additionally, AplineDC provides us access DE-CIX, one of the primary exchanges in Europe, and France-IX - core exchange in France.


TLSA records and new features

  • TLSA record support both in our web and reseller control panel, and API
  • Updated dashboard design for registered domains and mobile devices support
  • Support for configuring DS / DNSKEY records for registered domain names
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