Hide your IP address


Have you ever wondered why you should hide the IP address of your web server? Well, there are many reasons why you should do it. One of them is, if you do not want the IP address of your web server to be publicly exposed, for privacy reasons. Unfortunately, there is a security concern regarding your server's IP address. Let's face it - if it is publicly exposed, then it could be hacked in any available way. Even if your web server and site has the newest security updates, your service might become unavailable, after Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. It all depends on what content you host on your site and how vulnerable your host is.

How to protect myself?

At ClouDNS we offer special DDoS Protection subscriptions, which allow you to use our DDoS Protected name servers, part of our Anycast Network. However, in this case the only servers that have DDoS protection are actually the name servers and your web server's IP address is still exposed to the outside world. We offer a DDoS Protection for web sites addon. It can be used with any DDoS Protected or GeoDNS subscription, as both categories use DDoS Protected name servers. Using any of these subscriptions combined with DDoS Protection for web sites addon, will make sure your IP address is hidden and your service is more secure and reliable. You will have DDoS Protected web site and DDoS Protected name servers.

What happens next

Once you are using our DDoS Protected name servers and DDoS Protection for web sites addon, your web site behaviour will be the same as usual. No traffic from your clients will come to your web server. The only traffic on your server will be from our server and your clients will connect to us. Also, there is no botcheck or anything else that may cause latency. During a DDoS attack, our servers will be attacked and your service will be still available.

After the attack, there will be no need for you to fix the after effects. Many times, once the attack is done you have to check/restart firewalls and other appliances, that were affected. Sometimes, you might get blocked by your ISP for the higher bandwidth consumption. If this happens, you will have to contact them and ask to be unblocked. This procedure could be long and during this period, your service will be unavailable. Using our DDoS Protection for web sites addon, your server will be a safe place for your services.

Last modified: 2019-10-28
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